Saturday, June 28, 2014

Canon 600D EOS Rebel T3i Bundle Review 2014

Need a compact has-it-all photographer's kit‘? Canon T3i Bundle is what you are looking for! This Bundle has everything a photographer needs aboard for the perfect click! Canon has its reputation in providing an incredible and high definition photography experience like no other and the Canon T3i Bundle has added another milestone to that. Not only does it let you go the extra mile with your passion and skills but it also saves you the time looking for the best possible accessories and aids for your camera and assembling them together. It is basically a pre-assembled bundle of all the essentials you would need along with camera inlcuding the camera itself!To start with, whether an amateur or not, one must know what they should be looking for when they say a complete kit! A photographers‘s kit mainly should have- the camera (of course!), a tripod stand to avoid shaking, memory cards to extend storage capacity so that you dont run out of space anytime, rechargeable batteries to save you in desperate situations. You also should be careful in selecting a good quality lens because that constitutes the fundamentals of a camera and that precisely decides the quality of your pictures. Another essential that most people tend to overlook but which becomes a big concern while packing for a shoot is- a good bag. It should be spacious enough to contain all your ammenties but at the same time shouldn't be cumbersome in size.Canon has considered all of the above and has meticulously designed a kit to accomodate all the above. What will interest you more is that the Canon T3i Bundle rightly recognizes the needs of a photographer and also considers the constraints faced by most of them- THE BUDGET! It therefore aims at optimizing the contents of every bundle to serve the shutterbugs well and fit them in a humble man's pocket! A Canon T3i Bundle will contain the following accessories:
1. The camera (features may vary as per budget)
2. A tripod stand with case (59 inches- for stable photography)
3. A memory card (16gb SDHC secure digital memory card- for extended storage)
4. Extra rechargeable batteries ( LP-E8 rechargeable lithium ion battery)
5. High Quality lens ( Canon EFS 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS ll SLR Lens)
6. A carrier bagThe camera is designed to deliver high definition snapshots. It comes with a 18 MP CMOS sensor.

It has a LCD Monitor for shooting high and low angles. Its special features allow reduction in reflection giving you a sharp clear image. The camera in each bundle is designed to its best utility to give that edge to your photographs. The battery is replaceable and rechargeable which makes it more conducive to be used to for home-away shoots requiring long hours. For individuals who aren't content with a single capture of their subject The Canon T3i Bundle gives you extendable memory for storing big files and images. All in all it can be rightly stated that its a value for money and makes up for a good deal! Also its Canon- Delighting you always! Meta statement- a compact photographers kit with camera included -Canon T3i Bundle is a value for money giving you realtime proffesional experience and also fits your budget!